Be careful googling support numbers

Recently we got a call from a customer who had googled a phone number for tech support after not being able to login to their paypal account. They then proceeded to allow the person on the other end that they thought was paypal support. The person on the other end got them to allow a remote connection. The person on the other end then used their login and password and got into their paypal account along with sending a rather decent some of money via western union to a country overseas. They will able to yank the money back due to an email they noticed saying money had been sent.

Tips for staying safe with support numbers

  1. Get the number from the companies official website
  2. Be wary of anyone wanting to get onto your computer for something like that.
  3. Use password reset features when you can’t get into an account
  4. Make sure you have double authentication turned on when possible to keep others out of your accounts without your knowledge.
  5. When in doubt give us a shout.

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