Be careful googling support numbers

Recently we got a call from a customer who had googled a phone number for tech support after not being able to login to their paypal account. They then proceeded to allow the person on the other end that they thought was paypal support. The person on the other end got them to allow a remote connection. The person on the other end then used their login and password and got into their paypal account along with sending a rather decent some of money via western union to a country overseas. They will able to yank the money back due to an email they noticed saying money had been sent.

Tips for staying safe with support numbers

  1. Get the number from the companies official website
  2. Be wary of anyone wanting to get onto your computer for something like that.
  3. Use password reset features when you can’t get into an account
  4. Make sure you have double authentication turned on when possible to keep others out of your accounts without your knowledge.
  5. When in doubt give us a shout.

Spring Cleaning Specials

Its spring cleaning time 

Well about the normal time even though we are still knee deep in snow.
We have some spring cleaning specials for you! 

Computer Cleanup
We’ll make your computer like new 
Virus Removal
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Backup and Reload of Windows 

As Always Diagnostics are free.  

Free Recycling 
Bring in all your old tech you want to get rid of for free 
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Another Bank Phishing Email

This email is just like many other phishing email attacks trying to get your login and password to your bank account. The Email Address, and Login link are not legit links either. If you truly are worried go directly to your banks website. Call your bank. DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS

Hack Email that looks like a email from Quickbooks

This is not the first time we have seen an email like this but it is still important for us to note. In the case of this email the link on see your receipt went to a domain that is now parked so this particular email link isn’t dangerous. But typically these emails go to a download that downloads a malicious file or document. Be wary of emails like these.

A New Phishing Attack Pretending to be Facebook?

A new attack has come out pretending to be Facebook. This attack tries to get you to login via Facebook to read an article. This login window looks and acts just like the real thing only it is a fake pop up window to take your login and password. And for people that use the same login and password for things this makes it even easier for them to get into other accounts. Also this gives them access to anything Facebook login connected. Be very cautious if something like this comes up and it is not something you already used Facebook to sign up for.

Project App:

Recently We’ve been working on Project App where we try different apps and review them. The First App is Any Do. This is an app but also has a web based desktop platform for a to do list primarily. But along with that it will remind you if you missed a call, add to a shopping list. Sort between personal and work to do lists. The paid version is only 3.99 a month so very affordable. There is a free version however which is just missing a few of the premium features. This app get 5 Stars from us. To check this app out goto

Facebook Marketing Made Simple only $50.00 a Month to start

We have been using a service called Buzz Frenzy and We think you should too. It automates our Facebook advertising. Once signed up, all we do is add our preset hashtag to any post and it turns into an ad, Boom!, Buzz Frenzy does it all automatically. We don’t have to build campaigns or boost posts anymore. It’s super simple and has saved us so much time and money.

It costs as little as $50 a month (that’s it!). Signing up is super simple as well – you can be up and running in less than 5 minutes. And there is no contract, so you can cancel or pause at any time.

CLICK HERE to get started.

Seriously, you should give this a shot.

Techwarrior Technologies

Phishing Scam using Netflix to steal money

New Phishing scam uses Netflix to get people to give up their credit card information. The email claims that your account is on hold and then asks you to update your billing information. If you get this email goto directly to check your account. Do not follow links from the email to do it.

Holiday Hours

2018 -2019 Holiday Hours

Techwarrior Technologies will be open limited hours primarily by appointment on Christmas eve, Christmas day,

New Years Eve and New Years Day we will be open regular hours.