Data Breaches and How to find out if your info is listed

Data Breaches happen often some of them massive like the equifax breach which effected 145.5 million which is close to half of the population of the US. how does one keep track of if their data has been breached and they might not know. With how many accounts we all have its hard to check […]

PUBG Breach – User Names and Passwords Released

Over 500 usernames and passwords were released from online game PUBG. They were pasted to pastebin this morning. Obviously we are not going to post the link to not expose the usernames and passwords of others even though they are out in the open. This PUBG Breach is not the first or the last of […]

Open a Aspiration account and get $25.00

To Set one up goto Aspiration is an awesome online banking company that we have tested out for a little while now and we think they are pretty awesome. Right now you get $25.00 for opening an account and. You can save more money You’ll get cash back rewards on debit card purchases, pay […]