Black Friday / Cyber Monday Specials

This Year We are Proud to offer some awesome Black Friday Cyber Monday Specials

50% off Virus removal and Cleanup 50% Off Data transfer (Especially good if you plan on getting a new computer or getting someone a new computer) 50% Off our Ninja Help Desk. And also Lock in 50% off our Ninja Help Desk if you Subscribe Check it out Here

Windows 7 End of Support

Microsoft has announced Windows 7 End of Support for January 14th 2020. This primarily means no more updates and security patches ect. Now many times we have in the past ran across people who have used XP and other end of life Windows systems well past successfully. But in general we would suggest upgrading or buying a new computer. We can assist in whatever your plans may be, and even help you come up with a plan that fits you and your budget.

windows 7 ed of support

Apple Phone Crash Mid Update and go to a black screen?

Has your apple phone crashed mid update? And then it just goes to a black screen? This can be remedied. If this happens to you there is an easy way to remedy this issue. Steps to try to remedy this.

  1. Plug your Iphone into a computer with Itunes installed
  2. Itunes should tell you your phone is in recovery mode and needs to be updated
  3. Tell itunes to update
  4. Itunes will download and install the update
  5. Your phone back to good as new!