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Important Information to Know When Choosing a Tech Support Company

What to look for choosing a tech support company or computer repair company

When choosing a company with your data, computers and other technology there are some things you should check.

  1. Are they insured for a decent amount and can they show you proof of their insurance
  2. Do they have an office or somewhere you can goto and know where your computer is.
  3. Do they have a history of service
  4. Check their reviews and BBB rating
  5. Is their company registered properly

These are just a few important things to check before entrusting someone with your devices and data. Alot of people decide to start a tech company but can leave customers hanging in the lurch if they move, have to close down, mess up the work, break devices while working on them. This makes things like insurance or the ability to make things right very important. We have even heard stories of companies closing down or moving and customers computers dissapearing because they had no clue where the company’s office was.

This isn’t a bash against the little guys or people starting out. But merely help to make certain you get a qualified and responsible tech support company that will not leave you holding the bag, or use your data improperly. Make sure you do your due diligence when choosing a Tech Support Company. Even if you do not choose Techwarrior Technologies we want you to choose a quality professional that will not steer you wrong or leave you in the lurch.

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Choosing a Tech Support Company

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