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Custom Gaming Rig Rebuild Reanimation

This weekend we got the distinct pleasure of bringing back to life and rebuilding almost from the ground up an off the shelf gaming rig. Not only bringing it back to life but also giving it an upgrade at the same time.

One of our regular gaming clients called because their Rig had died the motherboard had died. So after discussion with the client they decided they wanted to go ahead and get it rebuilt with upgrades. In this case they picked up all the parts and brought them to us. (When this is done the only warranty that comes from us is the warranty on our work)

A really nice I7 Processer and motherboard from Asus – 64 Gigs of Ram – and a 3080 video card and of course a new power supply.

Being this was a rebuild we had the case and the drives from before to continue with and they did not need to be replaced on this custom gaming rig.

Before the day was out their rig was up and ready to go. They were in a bit of a hurry so it did not get our standard burn in period.

Here is the final result.

If you would like your gaming rig rebuilt, upgraded, or would like us to craft you your very own Ninjatek gaming rig give us a call 763-634-1480

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