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Get a better credit card processer

We have worked with alot of businesses over the years getting eaten up by processing fees, monthly report fees, having a hard time mixing point of sale and credit card system for many different businesses. Playing more and more with Square as it is now compared to what it was many years ago as a credit card processing system is insane. Under the platform now they have built in online store, built in invoicing and scheduling, the capability to sync so many different systems to them for use. It is by far 1000% better then anything we could have imagined from when we played with it years ago and it was good then also. definitely check out Square and see what they have cooking. It doesn’t cost anything to to setup a free account and even the higher end equipment is rather affordable. If you need help feel free to ask us we can help you setup a Point of Sale using square for quite an affordable price as we are constantly playing with it and working on new combinations of equipment and software connected to it. Our own online store on this site is connected using Square as the payment processer. Check it out and get your deal here

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