Data Transfer and Setup

This time of year alot of new computers are purchased and people want to be able to transfer their data to the new computer and get it setup the way they want it. We will be more then happy to transfer your data and setup your computer how you would like it. We pull all of your data and move it to the new computer. Along with installing software you would like us to printers ect. Give us a call for data transfer and computer setup services.

Data Recovery

Data Recovery is an imperative service nowadays with the large amounts of data we create and consume people really need their data. No matter how many times it is stressed to backup your data people forget or they just don’t do it. A lot of things can cause data to need to be recovered. Computer crashes making it so you can’t get into it, or the hard drive partition corrodes or corrupts causing the drive to not be properly accessible. One of the most common we run across is fires and water or storm damage.  Many people don’t think of these things and we’ve even done recovery on backup drives that were backing up data but were not kept in a place safe from the water that comes when the fire department shows up. So ironically the backups were messed up not by the fire but by the fire department coming to put out the fire. In this case we were able to successfully recover all the data. People often don’t think of their data until their data is missed, seems unretrievable. Then comes the data recovery we have put together specialized servers and software over the past 12 years that allows us to pull back alot of data that was lost and we are continously building our skills and recovery techniques. When a hard ware failure is found we have a lab we work closely with that has the engineers and clean room to work on those kinds of recoveries. When you need your data back give us a call.

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Virus Removal – Crapware

Computer Viruses can be a number of things and a number of variations. They can attack and change your computer in many different ways. Some of these things are really benign but very annoying and will slow down your system pop up and offer you to purchase the software that they have already installed on your computer. Many of these are “legitimate” software but do their marketing in very less then ethical methods in their advertising methods. But they also clog up your system and they even make it really hard to remove these pieces of software after a person decides that they do not want it. 

This crapware falls under our virus removal service because it is many times so a real pain to remove. Some of it has been known to embed itself into the registry and other places on the computer. While this is not the only piece of our virus removal service, it is a very important piece because of how much crap ware by itself can slow down a computer. With pop ups advertisements, offers, and sales screens. We have seen computers that we did virus removal on that were at almost completely a dead stop just from the crapware. This was before we even went into other threats which we will get into in other posts to come. 

A huge piece of crapware and virus removal is the many add-ons people have in there browsers many times we find 10-100 add ons just in the browser, many of them get added when downloading other software or free software that has an add these softwares button with it. Most people don’t uncheck the install these other software, or they do not decline them which is also an option. Be careful when downloading “free software” But if your computer does slow down due to this kind of crapware along with other viruses and malware. Our virus removal service will take care of it along with all the other malware and viruses. And we even optimize and tweak your computer to run faster. Call today to have us run virus removal on your computer.

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Windows 7 End of Life

Windows 7 End Of Life 14 January 2020, While many people will operate just fine after this date, there will not be security updates or other updates after this date. This will put your system at risk. A large amount of Windows 7 computers with decent specs will be perfectly capable to upgrade to Windows 10. Give us a call or stop in and let us show you the options for your Windows 7 computer. 

There are many different ways your Windows 7 computer can be brought into compliance for end of life. A upgrade in place where the system is upgraded directly from inside the Windows 7 operating system. Another is to install over which will wipe out the Windows 7 system and install Windows 10 leaving your data behind. The last but not least is to backup all of your data format the drive and then install a clean copy of windows 10 and then move your data back. 

The choice on which process to use for an upgrade depends on the users preference and also the needs of the computer. For example if there is windows 7 32 bit on the system but it is more than capable of running Windows 10 64 bit (which most computers are nowadays) Then the most logical option would be a complete wipe and install of windows 10 64. 

If the user already has 64 bit and doesn’t want a lot of downtime then an upgrade in place would be the most logical issue to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10.

All in all alot of the decision rests on what a users preference is as to how the upgrade will be done. We are here to assist you and suggest options to help make the transition as smooth as possible.

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