Ways to have fun even with social distancing using tech

Social distancing is the current buzz word and there are lots of cool tech that can help Houseparty is an app that allows multiple people to stream live and could literally have a house party with everyone safely at there own homes, have a game night with everyone having separate game boards setup, also skype can be use the same way too. You could use these to visit with family, maybe play a game of chess. The limits are endless nowadays with the technology we have now.

Coronavirus Day Number 4 Update

Along with Sanitizing and Cleaning Constantly and Limiting Interaction as much as we can we are extending our 50% off Special until the end of the month at least. We are now offering curbside pickup and drop off with over the phone check-in or over the phone check-in. We are Sanitizing all computers after repair and washing hands after every customer interaction. We also encourage people to check out our remote offerings either 1 time service or Ninja Help Desk. We will remain open as an essential service to keep you and yours connected.

Coronavirus and Your Tech We will be here to support your tech!

We are here today and our 50% off spring cleaning virus removal is still going on. Before we get the first call however we can’t remove the coronavirus. (there’s always someone who calls) We can do work remotely for those of you that do not want to go out and who are quarantined. We will do our best to keep everyone’s tech up and running through this. For any questions feel free to give us a call. If you want to limit in-office time use our self-register service and you’ll be in and out in no time.

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App Review – Ibotta

Over the past few months, we have been testing the Ibotta app and have been very impressed we only used it a little bit and managed to make 11.00. this was just from testing use. We tend to continue using it even more as with Amazon ordering, Walmart pickup ordering you get percentages back. Walmart ordering was especially good, pick up your groceries and get a percentage back along with a lot of other online stores. Definitely a must for people looking to save money. Sometimes the app finds savings you didn’t even know were there.

Googling Support Numbers

We have run across this many times and many google listing show numbers for scammers, shady tech support companies and many other shady or nefarious things pretending to be support for one company or another. Many free services do not really have a support line or it is really hard to find. 

In a recent case a client fell for this looking for amazon support. They googled looking for an amazon support number and got a shady “tech support” line. This usually leads to the “tech support” line wanting to remote into your computer. Sometimes they just show you things to scare you and then try to sell you on an expensive support deal and software usually between 200-500.00. In other cases we have seen where they drop in software to read every single one of your passwords. 

If you need a support number go directly to the website and search through the website thoroughly. Sometimes the support numbers are hard to find but usually there on the website.