Business Tech Support

Business Tech Support

Is your company big enough to need ongoing tech support but not to have an onstaff tech guy. Or do you want to save money by outsourcing it to someone with the infrastructure to perform the duties but not charge the same as a team or a single tech guy would. 

Techwarrior Technologies provides tech support services to a wide range of businesses from 1 person companies to publicly traded companies. 

Techwarrior Technologies provides remote support, managed services, web hosting, email hosting, online marketing, onsite services, and much much more. 

Let us know what you need. 

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Remote Support For You With a Techwarrior Standing By To Help

You Can Have a Techwarrior Standing by to help you with your computer woes!

Techwarrior Technologies is proud to offer Award Winning Technology service across the nation with the Ninja Help Desk Program. Remote, Phone Text, and Email support for less then a cup of coffee per day! Click below for more information and to sign up.

Happy Veterans Day from all of us at Techwarrior Technologies

Happy Veterans Day

Every Year we spend a day honoring all who served and are serving. Here at Techwarrior Technologies we say thank you to all who served and are serving in the armed forces. Happy Veterans Day. 

Our Rockford Office Celebrates 4 Years at its Current Location

Product Test – Larmtek Alarm System

Product Test - Larmtek Alarm System

Wifi Alarm system, Wireless LAN+Wi-Fi+GSM Cellular Smart/BusHomeiness Security Alarm DIY Kits, Alarm Host, Infrared Motion/Door&Window Sensor, Remote Controller, Alert with iOS&Android App, AK01-W

We’ve set up alot of smart devices over the years. This is by far one of the easiest We have setup. All the Devices came pre- connected. The only reason to run the setup utility in the app was to name each piece accordingly so you would know which sensor was which. 

Even the mounting systems were easy with screws for the base and keypad. Sensors were all strong double backed tape. 

Also This system is very add on friendly with the ability to add sensors, cameras and more.