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Scam Calls the Latest the fake “debt collector”

So recently a whole bunch of people got calls and i got automated calls saying I owed a debt. Being I don’t like owing debts even if they are old I called them back especially after my mom, my dad, my phone and my office line all got hit with the same message from the company that called themselves “In House Counsel, Mediation Division” I did try to verify the debt via the legal method as a lot of people do get scammed by being saying they are collecting a debt. (If you want to know more about the legal way to verify a debt contact an attorney or reach out and we can refer you to one we know is reputable) The “company” would not verify the debt nor let me talk to a manager. I called them multiple times trying to get to the root of the matter and to see if the debt was actually legit. I did talk to our attorney who assured me it was a scam. The company said that since I was non-compliant they were going to file a lawsuit against me in the amount they told me was due on a debt for a company I have not had an account in in over a decade roughly from my estimate.

If you are not certain about someone calling on the phone out of the blue claiming to be a debt collector I would contact an attorney to check and see if it is actually legit. In this day and age of illegal breaches and data being sold all over there is no telling if it is a legit debt or someone trying to scam you using a legitimate debt.

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