We have run across this many times and many google listing show numbers for scammers, shady tech support companies and many other shady or nefarious things pretending to be support for one company or another. Many free services do not really have a support line or it is really hard to find. 

In a recent case a client fell for this looking for amazon support. They googled looking for an amazon support number and got a shady “tech support” line. This usually leads to the “tech support” line wanting to remote into your computer. Sometimes they just show you things to scare you and then try to sell you on an expensive support deal and software usually between 200-500.00. In other cases we have seen where they drop in software to read every single one of your passwords. 

If you need a support number go directly to the website and search through the website thoroughly. Sometimes the support numbers are hard to find but usually there on the website.