Xcel Energy / Utility Bill Scam

Today we had an interesting new scenario happen. We got a call pretending to be Excel energy. Could have been legit maybe. But it wasn’t. They Tried to say our electric was up for disconnection in the next 30 minutes but it wasn’t. I played along though something seemed fishy. We just had to pay within the next half hour. Which screamed fishy to begin with. But the best part is the only payment they could take was moneypac from the gas station. This I know is not Xcel Energy needless to say it got us the proof needed that they were scammers. 
So if your energy company calls you saying they need payment ect? DO NOT CALL BACK THE NUMBER THEY LEAVE

Call the number on your statement or bill you get in the mail. 
Make them verify information like your last bill amount- how much you owe currently ect to prove they are looking at the system.

When in doubt feel free to give us a shout.

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