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Why is my computer so slow?

Alot of things can cause a computer to be slow one of these can be malware and viruses. Also a dying hard drive and a hard drive that has problems can cause a computer to slow down.

Another thing that can cause a computer to slow is clogging of software and stuff that has built up. Even the Operating system having corruptions can cause a computer to bog down and run badly.

Also you might not have enough memory for what you are trying to do, or the memory in your computer might be failing.

How can this be fixed?

Some of the many things that can speed your computer up.

  1. A cleanup can help speed up your computer, maybe even bring it back to new status
  2. A solid state hard drive or a new hard drive can fix the speed along with the operating system being reloaded would clear alot of problems
  3. Memory could be upgraded or replaced, memory can do alot to speed up a computer and cause it to slow down.

A combination of all 3 would really speed the computer up.

Sometimes a complete overhaul is the best medicine and will cause a computer to act like a whole new machine. An upgrade of memory, solid state hard drive and and windows reload will turn the computer into a whole new machine.

Replacing the memory and the hard drive is replacing 2 of the main hardware pieces that play a large part in your computers speed. The only thing that is left would be the processer but that usually entails a motherboard replacement also especially to upgrade. A motherboard replacement would make it a complete computer rebuild short of the power supply and the optical drive being replaced also.

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Why is my computer so slow?

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