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Amazon Scams and how to spot them.

There have been a large amount of new Amazon scams popping up. Fake order emails, lockout emails, and many others to scam people into handing over banking information. Allow people into their computers and more. These emails look legit in some ways. Not a lot of them having email addresses that don’t match. They go to websites that are not on the Amazon domain.

We have seen an uptick in people getting calls from “amazon.” Scammers using that for getting onto the computers, get banking information. A lot of times the people getting scammed trust that the email or phone call is legit. They allow the scammers into their computers or give them banking information.

Along with the email address, domain, there are also spelling and grammar errors that can help you spot these amazon scams. Another thing is the emails that show you ordered something can easily be debunked. As an amazon scam by merely logging into your amazon account and looking at your order history.

Scammers use trust the big name to hook people. No matter whether the email you get is from a big name or not. Do not automatically trust that it is legit. Especially question emails that look odd from the big names.

Amazon Scams
Amazon Scams
Amazon Scams

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