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Facebook advertising automated with a hastag

Get your facebook advertising automated with a hastag and set your reasonable monthly budget so you know what you are goin to pay. Try out Buzz Frenzy with Buzz Frenzy your media spend is optimized by, get this, algorithms.

Are you an algorithm? No, you’re not. They have actual software working on your behalf. Know what that means? Buzz Frenzy is better than you. Well… in this one thing. I can almost guarantee you make better pancakes than their algorithm.

Buzz Frenzy shows your posts to people in your area who WANT to see your post. How do they do it? They are targeting professionals (it’s what they do) – which means you are now a professional too. And you didn’t even have to spend 1,000 hours perfecting the skill.

The upshot of all of this automation and built-in efficiency is that it is stupid affordable. Jump in for as little as $50 a month (50 bucks a month?!), yes $50 a month. That’s all-in, including media spend. What they haven’t calculated is all the time you will save (but it’s a lot!) Thats pretty cheap for facebook advertising.

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Making ads is the worst (The worst!) Quit screwing around with it. Good businesses need to squeeze efficiencies out of everything they do. Spend less time and money on the stuff that drives you nuts, and spend it on stuff you love.