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Great service to get me out of a bind on an old arcade ram card upgrade!!

Eric Kolkind Avatar
Eric Kolkind

My hard disc was replaced and returned to me in less than 24 hours and was repaired at the quoted "estimated price". Overall it was a warrior triumph and a grateful customer. This has been two hard drives on two different Dell Computers. The first was a 2005 Dell Dimension in December of 2019 followed by this recent second failure of a 2013 Dell Inspiron in April, 2021. In both examples the repairs were prompt with great outcomes.

Kenneth Strom Avatar
Kenneth Strom

Computer broke, not fixable. Rod at Tech was able to give me a different computer and was so helpful in getting me all set up and going again and answer questions that I had So very thankful my pictures could me saved Will be a new learning on some things and know and feel good that I can call on questions in the future THANK YOU

Dawn Dunn Avatar
Dawn Dunn

Do not waste your time going anywhere else. I deleted photos from my computer and needed them recovered. I took it somewhere else first only to cost me $85 and tell me that it wasn't possible. Tech warrior was able to recover my photos, and checked in with me throughout the day to keep me posted. SERIOUSLY A LIFE SAVER. I'd highly recommend. Thank you, again!

Heidi Carlson Avatar
Heidi Carlson

Techwarrior Technologies is my go-to place to buy computers and have work done on them, though when I buy from there work rarely needs to be done. Techwarrior has outfitted my two podcast studios as well as my family with computers. Just bought a MacBook Air from there the other day. Nobody can touch their prices or service.

Bob Sansevere Avatar
Bob Sansevere

I have used Rod at Techwarrior many times. Always prompt, knowledgeable and have been very happy with anything we've tossed at him to fix. I run a small real estate office and its nice to have someone who your not just a number to, very hands on and personable service.

Derrick Monroe Avatar
Derrick Monroe

fast service, good pricing, and a nice and knowledgable guy, techwarrior has got it all!

Justin Farniok Avatar
Justin Farniok

I've used Techwarrior Technologies numerous times for various problems that I've created on my machines, and Rod never ceases to impress. On a recent instance he burnt the midnight oil on a problem I was having, knowing of a pending deadline approaching for me. He is THE GO TO for PC repairs.

Matt Graunke Avatar
Matt Graunke

Rod provides excellent customer service, and he is someone that can be trusted. His prices are fair. I go to Rod for all computer issues.

Tim Woolery Avatar
Tim Woolery

We met Rodd three years ago when my laptop locked up completely. I had the remains of the hard drive on a CD but no idea how to upload it. I couldn't even get a black screen. Rodd drove to Eagan, fixed the laptop, uploaded everything and stayed to chat. Since then every single glitch we've had on our computers has been taken care of, first time, first call, and completely. He is amazing!

howard miller Avatar
howard miller

Techwarrior Technologies worked tirelessly to unbind my computer after the free Windows 10 upgrade that MS so desperately wanted people to get, locked up my computer. Frankly I am disenchanted with MS. The technician treated me respectfully and addressed the problem promptly and skillfully. There was a little bit of a hitch when I couldn't exactly remember a password, and then when it was discovered that this was a newer problem the required some research. However, the job was finished over the weekend and I am very happy with the result. I would recommend Techwarrior Technologies for your next computer issue. I know I will.

Jordan Loar Avatar
Jordan Loar

5 star ratingRod has helped me a few times with my office computers, work was always timely and fair prices. One thing I like is he has always been pretty easy to get a hold of and is willing to "fix" rather than just sell you something new etc.

Derrick M. Avatar
Derrick M.

Have hearing ,memory issues , thanks Rod for great text service with smile

Ronald Dehn Avatar
Ronald Dehn

5 star ratingI've been using this company for more than 3 years. Always excellent work. I like the yearly contract for the help desk. This way, I have access to more than just virus removal, but things like speeding up my computer with a tune-up.

Karen S. Avatar
Karen S.

Rod is very good at what he does helps in every way he can! We have gotten computers fixed , iPhones fixed sand viruses removed thanks !

Brady Elsenpeter Avatar
Brady Elsenpeter

Thank you once again for providing such fast and excellent customer service!

Donna Drobny Avatar
Donna Drobny

tech warriors took care of me for a great price. my IMac hard drive took a dive on me. I was called back immediately after leaving a message, and had my computer down there the next morning. I was worried about a lot stuff on that hard drive that i needed recovered and it was not an issue. computer was fixed in a day , very promptly. if i ever have a computer problem again, i will be bringing it them, they showed true values when it comes to a veteran owned american business!

Nathan Boggs Avatar
Nathan Boggs

I am Very Proud to say I have known and worked with them for several years, and Techwarrior Technologies has always treated me like a person. They listened and addressed my issues, and keep me in the loop at every step. They are very professional and very polite and attentive to my every need. I would recommend TECHWARRIOR TECHNOLOGIES to everyone for their computer needs.

Honor Veterans Network Avatar
Honor Veterans Network

5 star ratingLate in writing this, but last year I had my external drive completely fail on me. I took it to Techwarriors and within a day, they had recovered everything and put it on a new drive for me. It was so seamless and easy in a total panic moment, that I would never go anywhere else for help now. 100% the best experience I've ever had getting any sort of technology repaired! Must use!!!

Kelly F. Avatar
Kelly F.